About this blog


Skull Lamp By Blackman & Cruz

A design agency

your World; 

a  box, perhaps,  painted in “their” only grey.

Flee to Wacky-Surf  the far recesses of a decorating mind.


naked in the glare of a white moonlight

to fish out, with me,

the Outstanding shells.


I just dream up kitchens.


for the FUN of eyeballing beguiling chairs.


for the fun of fearing the Omnivorous sofa.


for the dread in WANTING 

that deadly lampshade.

Life is a zoo….

You might as well be standing on the outside gazing in.


I only dream up kitchens.

Life is a zoo….

you might as well be standing on the inside gazing out.


with me,

wallow in unsustainable presents.

I’ll  draw one arrow and aim for your heart.

Were we all meant to become a table lamp?

Hush & Laugh; whose brain doesn’t have the right to  sizzle?

Now, tag along 

And  Beware

Of sinking pillows.






vibe or jibe ?

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